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2018-10-18 21:47
Korke & Judith are one of the world’s most famous Bachata couple and are recognized as the founders of the Bachata Sensual style. They currently travel the Bachata circuit every weekend of the year to teach at festivals around the world. The couple is well respected in the Bachata dance scene...

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2013-10-23 00:00
  History of Timba   "Before it became the newest Cuban music and dance craze, timba was a word with several different uses, yet no particular definition, mostly heard within the Afro-Cuban genre of rumba. A timbero was a complimentary term for a musician, and timba often referred to the...
2013-10-23 00:00
RED MAGAZINE December 2007 issue Cyprus has seen a steady increase of tango events and dancers over the last few years. At first thought, tango would not be a dance one associates with Cyprus, but then again, neither would Finland. Yet unknown to many, the Finnish Tango is a very well established...
2013-10-23 00:00
Cuban style The original salsa style, as considered by most, which has been developing in Cuba since the 1950s. Cuban-style salsa can be danced either “on one” or “a contratiempo” – the latter is often referred to as “on two”. An essential element is the “cuba step” (also known as Guapea), where...
2013-10-23 00:00
In order to understand the roots and evolution of Salsa Music, we need to define first the definition of something called “Rumba”.  Rumba is a secular dance/music/poetic expression that developed among the various African ethic groups first brought to Cuba as slaves during the Colonial...


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