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DJ Havana


Simos Kyriakou started his Latin DJ career in 2002 when he moved to Florida (USA) for his studies. The Latin influence in Florida and all his friends from school (South Americans) were the reason to turn him 180 degrees and start DJing mostly Salsa and other Latin rhythms. he started DJing in one of the biggest Salsa clubs in Miami and from there he gained respect from a lot of people, valuable experience and most importantly  proved to himself that nothing is impossible in this life.

Coming back to Cyprus in 2004 he continued his career and his goal this time was to bring and familiarise as many people as possible with the Latin music, something that he achieved with success. In October of 2006 he decided to move to Barcelona, Spain and continue his DJ career there. Coming back, he believes that this decision was one of his best choices, since it is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with a Latin culture and music as a prototype.


Music genres:

- Salsa/Latin
- Kizomba/Zouk

Available for parties

Clubs and Events that he's played at:

- Little Havana (Miami, Fl)
- East Coast Salsa Congress 2003 (Miami, Fl)
- Bono Club (Limasol, Cyprus)
- Waves Beach Bar/Club (Limassol, Cyprus)
- Los Amigos (Limassol, Cyprus)
- Pebbles Beach Club (Limassol, Cyprus)
- 7Seas (Limassol, Cyprus)
- Dot Club (Nicosia, Cyprus)
- 1st Cyprus Salsa Congress 2006- Barcelona Salsa Festival 2006
- Sugar Club (Barcelona, Spain)
- Up&Down Club (Barcelona, Spain)
- 2nd Cyprus Salsa Congress 2007
- 1st Cuban Salsa Cyprus Congress 2007
- 3rd Cyprus Salsa Congress 2008
- 4th Cyprus Salsa Congress 2009


Address: Limassol (Cyprus)
Telephone: (+357) 99 448227