"LatinDance Cyprus Promotions" (LatinDance Cyprus for short) is a promotional organization that is primarily focused on advertising Latin American dancing, Salsa, Tango, Kizomba, Zouk and Zumba in Cyprus and Greece, by collaborating with the top rated dance schools, instructors, DJs/music bands and club venues on the island.

Our ultimate goal is to provide complete and up-to-date information to all the dancers in Cyprus and visitors travelling from abroad throught the use of modern marketing techniques and promotional tools (our official Internet website, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. and the public press). Hense, we've built this upgraded and complete online directory and guide to LatinDance in Cyprus for all dancers to enjoy !!!



Since the initial creation of the Latin Dance Cyprus portal in 2005 by its three founders Saskia Koper-Groenevelt, Malcolm 'Baz' Barret and Dusan Cvetkovic, our team has been working hard to promote Latin/Salsa and Tango in Cyprus. After the addition of  Christos Ioannides  in the administrative team in 2007 and a general makeover in 2009, the organization LatinDance Cyprus Promotions was created and has since incorporated additional promotions for Kizomba/Zouk and Zumba Fitness in its scope of operations.

In addition, we have expanded our PR network and collaborators to include all the major players in the professional dance scene in Cyprus and Greece. To this purpose, we've recruitted a special team of dance enthusiasts whose passionate love for dancing has binded them together over the years and has helped them achieve wonders. 

Apart from our strong commitment towards all the dancers in Cyprus, our team is proud for its serious social commitment as well. LatinDance Cyprus Promotions is considered as one of the top active players in the Latin American dance community of Cyprus and has invested a lot of time, money and hard work in promoting and expanding Latin dance inside this elite community. We support initiatives for continuous growth and activiely support all the key players in Cyprus, Greece and abroad.


NICOSIA Correspondent


Andrea was first introduced to the world of dance ever since she was 5 years old, trying to follow the footsteps of her mother. She started off with Classical Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz in her early years, moving on to Hip Hop and Popping in her teens and then, in her early twenties, finally found her true passion...Latin! She has ever since been addicted to Salsa (Cuban and LA), Bachata (Sensual and Dominican), Merengue and Reggaeton. Furthermore, she has recently started to learn Kizomba and Brazilian Zouk to expand her dancing skills and is working on her styling and technique by attending various seminars & workshops. She has also attended and performed in local and international congresses with a Lady Styling group. She also attends social Latin events regularly, supporting all Dance schools and Live bands, equally. Organizer of the Latin Thursday parties at Moon Lounge in Nicosia.

LARNACA Correspondent


Andreas started his dancing journey at a young age learning Greek and Cypriot folkloric and traditional dances.  For 3-4 years he felt that fixed routines was not his thing and tryied Latin as part of a joke and a challenge from friends where he found his true identity. Since 2010 he got addicted into Salsa (LA and Cuban), Bachata, and Kizomba. FHe also attended and perfomed in local congresses and dance events to improve his technique and men's styling. Eager to assist you and provide information mostly in Larnaca but also for any city islandwide! 

FAMAGUSTA Correspondent


Fani started dancing at the age of five with ballet classes learning the basics for all genres of dancing. Later on she got into latin, spanish and greek folkloric dances. For her, dancing is a form of art and creation, a way of expression of feelings. It provides you with self-knowledge, confidence and discipline. Dancing has always been a part of her life. Now she enjoys dancing through various latin parties and events organized in every city and through participating at the Cyprus Salsa Congress!

PAPHOS Correspondent



LIMASSOL Correspondent



KYRENIA Correspondent




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