Korke & Judith Bachata Artists

2018-10-18 21:47

Korke & Judith are one of the world’s most famous Bachata couple and are recognized as the founders of the Bachata Sensual style. They currently travel the Bachata circuit every weekend of the year to teach at festivals around the world. The couple is well respected in the Bachata dance scene and has been teaching worldwide from Argentina to Kazakhstan.

Korke and Judith have based their style on strict "lead and follow" principles and these moves have been largely tested out on the dance floor while social dancing. In order to make the style universal and bullet proof in terms of "lead and follow", the system was tested with different girls in different countries. Eventually, a very solid system was created ensuring that almost everything they teach is leadable so that every student can dance with anyone after a class (even someone who doesn't know this style should be able to follow a good leader).

Korke says that he has grown as a dancer because he danced with everyone and a good leader should be able to lead the worst follower. Thus a Bachata leader must learn how human movement works and how to easily move a girl using natural placement, gravity and the energy of circular movement. This energy makes the move feel transcendent and magical for the girl as the body continues to move in the natural energy lanes of circular movement. The man feels totally in control of the girl at every moment as he is educated and has knowledge of how the body can be lead in the most natural and efficient way based mostly on circular movement, inertia and natural energy.

You Can Follow Korke & Judith on Facebook: www.facebook.com/bachatasnsual

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Article by: Maria Demetriou